Fumigations for drywood termites start at $1,100 for a typical 3 three bedroom, two bathroom structure with a two car garage.

We perform our own fumigations. No subcontractors. No middleman markup.

Fumigation is the process of placing nylon coated canvas over the structure and sealing it to contain the fumigant. The process is normally three days and two nights.  Fumigation can be used for many types of pests, but is most often performed for the elimination of drywood termites.

We offer a five-year guarantee. If active drywood termite infestation is found in your structure within five years of the date of completion, we will treat or refumigate at no charge.  Due to the slow development of drywood termite colonies, it is generally easy to determine if the colony is new or old.  Most structures we fumigate are fifteen years old or older.

Fumigation is the only complete structure treatment with proven success and is still, “dollar for dollar”, the best value.


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