Other Wood-Destroying Pests


Behind termites, wood boring beetles are the next most destructive pest in our area. Their damage can often be identified by numerous “shot holes” in the surface of the wood as well as a powder like substance emanating from the holes. Damage from beetles primarily results from the feeding activities of the larvae and weakens the structural integrity of the wood. Wood boring beetles are commonly found in areas of high moisture content and the areas most susceptible to attack are portions of the substructure framing, such as subfloors floor joists, and piers.


There are a variety of recommendations a Gauden Exterminating inspector may make for ridding your home of wood boring beetles. Most commonly, it will be advised to control or alleviate moisture in the substructure area to prevent future infestations. Furthermore, your inspector may make recommendations for increased ventilation to reduce moisture. In some cases, Gauden Exterminating technicians may remove and replace damaged wood members while treating adjacent wood members with insecticide specific to the control of wood boring beetles. Additionally, fumigation may be recommended in the case of heavy infestation.